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The Aranykakas Apartments with its 24 flats is located in the corner of Martonfalvi and Mikszáth Kálmán street, in the neighbourhood of the Great Forest. The investor is a well-known and financially strong company, which owns Grand Hotel Aranybika***, Borostyán Med Hotel****, and the largest office park in Debrecen, called Lion Office Center. You can check them in References menu. With tens of years of experince in construction and real estate management, we would like to help our prospective homeowners live their lives in luxury at minimal overheads. The condominium has 6 floors. In the basement, there are underground parking spaces for cars, bicycle storages and lockable storages. On the ground floor, there is a 57 sqm and 146 sqm retail unit for prospective investors. From 1-6 floors,  each floor has 5 flats for residental use, raging from 37 sqm to 97 sqm. It is also possible to merge flats. The facility has the most up-to-date energy saving and technical buliding system. Detailed information is available in the Technical Content menu.

Technical Content

Heat insulation

The building has 15 cm thick heat insulation instead of the standard 10 cm. In addition, 3- layer windows are also installed in order to provide maximum heat insulation against the hot summer sun and the extreme cold in winter.

Ceiling cooling-heating and underfloor heating

It is very well manageable and provides pleasent thermal comfort. It is especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergy, as there is no need to use air-conditioner, which causes irritation. Not to mention a dusty radiator that takes up space in the flat.

Smart Home System

With your smart phone, you can control the garage door, cooling and heating, and the shading system (shutters), when you are away from home, as well. This allows you to optimize the temperature of your home according to your daily routine, which is comfortabel and cost-effective.

No gas

Thanks to the VRV heat pump system, there is no gas in the building (for which a basic monthly fee would be charged). Furthermore, homeowners are protected from gas leaks.

Electric, attractive, aluminium shutters

Aluminium shutter has a longer lifecycle than the lower-class plastic shutter. Moreover, much quieter and provides maximum heat and noise insulation and darkening.

VRV heat pump system

The most energy-efficient technology, guarantees consistent temperature in all seasons with minimal overheads.


2010: Hotel Óbester**** - 45 rooms
3000 m2

2019: Lion Office Center Building 7/B
7250 m2

2013: Lion Office Center Building 7/A
7250 m2

2014: Lion Office Center Building 8th
2600 m2

2015: Borostyán Med Hotel****, 48 rooms
6600 m2

Borostyán Family**** Hotel, 76 rooms
4800 m2

Planning and design

Our aim was to create a modern and attractive building, which reflects the rapid development of Debrecen. This required a well-experienced designer team, that is why we chose the nationally remarkable BORD Architectural Studio. They have already planned and designed lots os noted facilities, such as the Football Stadium of Debrecen, the Beach of Great Forest and the International School of Debrecen (ISD).

An important aspect of the outside design was to create large balconies and huge glass surfaces that gives the building a unique look. The condominium reflects luxury and perfection, not only externally, but also in the layout, the design of the apartments and the energy-saving systems, which all will make the homeowners feel comfortable at minimal overheads.

Designer referencies

Beach of Great Forest

International School of Debrecen

Football Stadium of Debrecen


The building is located in the area of the Great Forest, in the immadeate vicinity of the University of Debrecen, which offers an excellent investment opportunity due to the increasing number of international students. On the other hand, it is also ideally located for families with kids, as kindergarden and high-school are just a few minutes walk away. Here are some real data from Google Maps:

  • Faculty of Agricultural, Economics and Business of University of Debrecen – 650m
  • Faculty of Medicine of University of Debrecen – 650m
  • DEAC University Sports Center – 400m
  • Csokonai Vitéz Mihály High School – 350m
  • Martonfalvi Kindergarten – 200m
  • Coop grocery store – 350m
  • Post office – 450m
  • bus stop, tram stop across the road



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